China News Service, Zhangzhou, August 13th (Zhang Jinchuan, Liao Zhenmei and Peng Lifang) Taiwanese youth Li Shaoyang has been "landing" for 8 years, playing steadily and improving all the way.

Born in 1989, he never thought that the other half of his family and career are mainlanders.

  "My wife is from Changshan, Zhangzhou. Not long after my son was born, I have already bought a house in the mainland..." Li Shaoyang, special assistant to the chairman of Changshan Qiaofeng Machinery Foundry Co., Ltd. in Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, recently talked to a reporter from about the family relationship after "landing". Full of joy in business.

  Changshan Qiaofeng Machinery Foundry Co., Ltd. is located in Changshan Overseas Chinese Economic Development Zone, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province. It is the second largest overseas Chinese farm in China and the largest overseas Chinese farm in Fujian Province. Southeast Asian Food Festival.

  "Changshan people are very enthusiastic. The local food is very rich and delicious. I like to take root here." Li Shaoyang said that when he introduced himself to his friends, he called himself "Changshan son-in-law".

On May 20, Li Shaoyang and his wife participated in the "Love in Zhangzhou, Together to the Future" Zhangtai 100 young people's collective wedding event.

Photo by Zhang Jinchuan

  Li Shaoyang is from Changhua, Taiwan, and his ancestral home is Quanzhou, Fujian. His family has machinery foundries in Taiwan and the mainland, engaged in hardware machinery casting, mechanical and electrical parts processing and manufacturing.

According to Li Shaoyang, his father saw the prospect of the mainland and founded a company in the mainland in 2013.

  In 2014, Li Shaoyang followed in his father's footsteps to the mainland as his father's special assistant.

According to Li Shaoyang's recollection, "When I first came to Xiamen, I felt very good. There are many high-rise buildings and the city is very prosperous. It is not worse than Taiwan at all."

  On weekdays, Li Shaoyang likes to make friends and often participates in cross-strait youth exchange activities.

"My wife was introduced by Taiwan compatriots, and that Taiwanese compatriot's wife is also from Zhangzhou."

  In 2020, Li Shaoyang joined hands with mainland girls to form a family. His son is now 9 months old, and the family of three is full of happiness.

However, affected by the epidemic, Li Shaoyang has not been able to bring his wife back to Taiwan for the wedding, which is a bit regrettable.

"My son hasn't brought him back to Taiwan to meet his grandparents. He plans to return to Taiwan with his family of three to celebrate the New Year at the end of the year."

  On May 20 this year, a collective wedding of 100 young people from Zhangtai was held in Zhangzhou High-tech Zone. Li Shaoyang and his wife also participated in the event.

"The mass wedding gave her a sense of ceremony that day, and it was officially married." Li Shaoyang said happily.

  The 33-year-old Li Shaoyang is half a "winner" after getting married and starting a business.

He also has clear goals for his career.

Li Shaoyang said frankly that this is because he has a strong and knowledgeable partner - Xu Tiantang, the general manager of the company and from Jinjiang, Quanzhou, southern Fujian.

  "He used to be our retailer in the mainland. I have known him for many years. He is a diligent person. Later, when we founded a company in the mainland, we naturally wanted to find him to work together as a partner." Li Shaoyang said frankly that from a customer relationship to a partner, it was also due to management at the beginning. There have been disputes over different ideas.

"Running in through the quarrel, everyone's starting point is good, and they all hope that the company will grow."

  "After the company's operation, its production capacity has doubled in more than three years, and it has developed rapidly. Coming to the mainland to expand is a very important turning point for the family." Li Shaoyang said.

  "We are mainly OEMs, and many products are sold to Southeast Asia and other places through Taiwan. After the epidemic, orders have increased significantly, which is a good time to expand the factory." Li Shaoyang said that now there are too many orders to be completed, and they have been scheduled for next year. Delivery in March, customers are also willing to wait.

  Li Shaoyang is preparing to expand the site and production capacity, update equipment, and build a new factory in the old factory area.

"At present, the old factory has only 10 mu of land, and has applied to the local government for an additional 30 mu of land." Li Shaoyang, who has achieved a double harvest of family and business in the mainland, is full of confidence in the future development of the company.