The first call to the police came in as an injured person and it was only when an ambulance and police arrived at the scene that suspicion of a crime arose.

- When we arrive, the police can quickly establish that there are serious injuries on this man which can be suspected to be due to his having been the victim of a crime, says Tommy Thorngren, the police's spokesperson for the East region.

No suspect

The man has been taken to hospital for treatment, but according to the police, it is too early to comment on the types of injuries involved and how they have occurred, but believe that they are serious enough to be classified as attempted murder.

There are currently no suspects.

- We are not there to start talking about suspects in the case, but are working hard with the information we initially had and which we managed to gather along the way, says Tommy Thorngren

Asking for tips from the public

The police have set up cordons and are carrying out a technical investigation of the scene.

A number of hearings have already been held and more will be held during the day.

The police believe they have a good idea of ​​who the injured man is, but are now asking for tips from the public that can lead them further in the investigation.

- The whole night but especially the morning is interesting for us.

If you feel that you have seen or heard something, it is important that you contact the police, says Tommy Thorngren.