In an interview with TASS, Darchiev explained that Russian missions abroad have to work in difficult conditions due to the restrictions constantly imposed on employees.

According to him, the US is denying freedom of movement and even routine contacts in the State Department and other structures of the executive and legislative branches.

“Of course, we are not interested in escalation, but we are forced to take retaliatory measures for such hostile actions, both mirror and asymmetric.

This is the reality - every action creates a reaction, ”he said.

Darchiev also stressed that in the context of the “visa war” unleashed by Washington and the refusal to let special flights into the American airspace closed to Russia for the removal of employees of Russian foreign agencies and members of their families expelled from the United States, it is not necessary to talk about the normalization of the conditions for the functioning of Russian diplomatic missions.

Earlier, the director of the North America Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Alexander Darchiev, said that the United States had launched a “visa war” flywheel not only against diplomats from Russia, but also against ordinary Russians.