Maximilien Carlier (in Wasquehal), edited by Gauthier Delomez 06:23, August 13, 2022

The day of Saturday was classified black by Bison smart in the direction of the departures on the Mediterranean arc, for the weekend of the Assumption.

While many are returning from vacation, some have chosen to leave in the last fortnight of August to recharge their batteries just before the start, and avoid the crowds and traffic jams.

Leaving on vacation this weekend for Aurélien, Marion and their two children Héloïse and Augustin.

This northern family will stay in Gironde for the first week, then head for Brittany at the end of August.

Their goal is to rest before the start of the school year, as Aurélien explains at the microphone of Europe 1. "We want to come back as fresh as possible for the recovery, whether for us or for the children", he confirms. .

"In this way, when we go back to work, we still have a foot on vacation. We are serene, even more rested", insists Aurélien because fewer tourists on site means more calm.

"The last week of the holidays, there are still fewer people, it's quieter."

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"Avoid traffic jams in the Paris region"

For the rental of their cottage, the price is the same as in July.

Concerning the journey by car, the objective of this family is to avoid traffic jams, heatstroke and above all to have peace in the car.

"We planned to leave at 4 am in the cool in order to spend a large part of the road with sleeping children", admits Aurélien.

"We also want to avoid traffic jams in the Paris region. On the other hand, on the way back, last time, there were fewer people. We hope it will be the same".

This Saturday, Bison smart sees black on the roads in the direction of departures on the Mediterranean arc.

Finally, the weather does not matter for this northern family: "We will accept the rain", they underline, "even the showers".