Afghanistan: a women's demonstration dispersed by Taliban fire in Kabul

Demonstration of about fifty women on Saturday morning August 13 in front of the Ministry of Education in Kabul.

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In Kabul, Afghanistan, a demonstration of about fifty women was held this Saturday morning August 13 in front of the Ministry of Education.

After five minutes, shots in the air and beatings: the Taliban violently dispersed the gathering of women for the right to work and education, nearly a year after the Islamists came to power in Afghanistan.


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With our special correspondent in Kabul, 

Cléa Broadhurst


Justice, justice, we don't want ignorance in our country.


We will always be united.


We women woke up.

We want to be free.


About fifty women, carrying banners on which one could read “ 

August 15 is a black day 

”, marched in front of the Ministry of Education, in a busy street.

They chanted their slogan “ 

Bread, work and freedom


These women claim the right to go to school, the right to work, to participate in political life...

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Beaten with rifle butts

In heart, they also shouted that the Taliban have been saying for a year that they are going to open schools but that they are not keeping their word.

The cars stopped, the women could move forward, huddled against each other.

But after five minutes, the Taliban started firing in the air, in bursts, dispersing the women who took refuge either behind cars or in shops until the shooting stopped.

In the back of a store, some told us they were ready to die for their freedom.

Demonstrators were chased and beaten with rifle butts by the Taliban.

A dozen local and foreign journalists were detained for a few hours, some had been beaten by the Taliban.

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Taliban fighters fire in the air to disperse Afghan protesters in Kabul on August 13, 2022. AFP - WAKIL KOHSAR


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