Foreign media, including the Wall Street Journal, reported that Ukraine is preparing to prepare residents near the Zaporiza nuclear power plant, where concerns about safety accidents such as radioactive leaks are growing, in a series of shelling battles.

The Zaporiza nuclear power plant complex, which has six reactors, is the largest single facility in Europe and has been occupied by Russian forces since early March, right after Russia invaded Ukraine.

In particular, as shelling battles have continued in and around the nuclear power plant recently, concerns are growing that it could lead to the worst disaster.

Although the issue of the Zaporiza nuclear power plant was discussed at the UN Security Council, Russia rejected Western demands to demilitarize the nuclear power plant.

Russia also rejected the International Atomic Energy Agency's request for on-site inspections for safety inspections.

In response, Ukraine claims that Russia is deliberately bombarding its nuclear power plants in order to pressure the West to stop its arms support.

The West is also accusing Russia of using the Zaporiza nuclear power plant as a 'shield'.

(Photo = Getty Images Korea)