China News Service, August 12. According to the WeChat public account of the Chinese Consulate General in Gwangju, on August 11, the Korea Meteorological Agency issued a rainstorm warning. Most parts of North Jeolla Province will usher in continuous rainfall, and the total rainfall is expected to reach 50%. up to 100mm, and over 120mm in some areas.

There may be thunderstorms in the Jeonnam area of ​​Gwangju.

  The Chinese Consulate General in Gwangju reminds Chinese citizens in the consular area to pay attention to weather changes, and to listen to the weather forecast and early warning information.

In the event of severe weather, please pay attention to travel safety, raise awareness of prevention, master self-help common sense, and keep in mind the number for help, and call for assistance in time in distress.

  South Korea emergency helpline: 112 (police), 119 (fire, coast guard)

  Consular Protection and Assistance Telephone of the Chinese Consulate General in Gwangju: 062-361-8880

  Global Consular Protection and Service Emergency Call Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China: +86-10-12308

  South Korea Weather Forecast Guide: 131