Before the summer, Region Norrbotten experienced a turbulent time with threats of fines of SEK 10 million, a regional director who resigned and alarms about the work environment which allegedly led to layoffs.

The staff shortage that occurs every summer and worsened by redundancies led to Region Norrbotten deciding to cancel all planned operations and send patients to Stockholm instead.

"The toughest summer"

The HR manager at the Norrbotten Region confirms that it has been a difficult first half of the year and that overtime this summer may be a record high.

- This is the toughest summer, says Jan Sundqvist.

Figures for the summer lag

The final result for overtime hours this summer is delayed because the numbers are lagging - but the Vårdförbundet is critical of how the regional management feels surprised by the situation.

- For some reason in our business, summer is seen as an extraordinary event, even though it is predicted every single year, says Karin Jonsson.

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Hear Jan Sundqvist, HR manager at Region Norrbotten, about the increased overtime in care.

Photo: Filip Hannu/SVT