China News Service, Ankang, August 12 (Wang Chao) "Qinba Hanshui produces good tea. In the Pingli countryside of Ankang, every household has a few acres of tea gardens..." Wu Mo, editor-in-chief of Macau's "Greater Bay Area Times", was interviewed wrote in the note.

  From August 8th to 10th, the 2022 Overseas Chinese Media Shaanxi Interview Tour, guided by the All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese and sponsored by the Shaanxi Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, entered Ankang City, and went to Pingli County and Hengkou in Ankang City for demonstration District, high-tech zone and Ziyang County interviewed, told the story of Ankang from a unique perspective, and showed the new achievements in local economic development, cultural tourism and other aspects.

Overseas Chinese media visited the five centers of plush toy cultural and creative industries in Hengkou Demonstration Zone of Ankang City.

Photo by Wang Chao

  On the afternoon of the 8th, the interview group first came to the tea garden of Jiangjiaping Village, Laoxian Town, Pingli County, Ankang City to learn about the development of the local tea industry.

Everyone walked up the stairs along the mountain road. At a glance, the waist-length tea trees were green and green, and the air was filled with a faint tea fragrance, which made people feel relaxed and happy.

  "We actively practice the concept of 'lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets', and we have embarked on a new path of 'one leaf makes one industry and one rich people'." Luo Xianping, former secretary of the party branch of Jiangjiaping Village, introduced that in order to give full play to the leadership of tea In terms of industrial economic benefits, Jiangjiaping Village has explored the establishment of a "branch + park + poor households" mechanism to support the park to increase the income of the masses through land transfer, shareholding dividends, labor services, and raw material repurchase.

At present, the park has established interest linkages with 106 poor households, absorbing 157 jobs, and the annual per capita income of poor households has increased by more than 1,100 yuan.

Tea Garden in Jiangjiaping Village, Laoxian Town, Pingli County, Ankang City.

Photo by Wang Chao

  "I will actively promote China's tea culture and let more overseas Chinese come to Ankang to taste good tea!" Zhang Chunmei, executive director of Indonesia's "International Daily", told reporters that the entrepreneurial story of Pingli County's prosperity and development of tea made the She was deeply impressed, "It is truly remarkable that a leaf can make an industry and enrich the people."

  On August 9th, the interview group came to Hengkou Demonstration Zone and High-tech Zone in Ankang City, and visited the five centers of the plush toy cultural and creative industry in Ankang City, Xuanyi Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd., Ankang Chia Tai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and other places. Learn about the new situation of Ankang's rural revitalization, new ideas and new measures for industrial development.

In the Ankang Rural Revitalization Space, the interview group visited all the way. Through the exchange and study of the work experience of promoting industry, cultivating enterprises, ensuring employment, promoting entrepreneurship, and preventing returning to poverty, they learned the concept of "helping rural revitalization and promoting regional development".

  "We must vigorously publicize Ankang. This is a city worth visiting." Xu Bingyi, president of Malaysia's "Overseas and Overseas" magazine, kept pressing the camera shutter along the way, hoping to record every unforgettable moment. .

Overseas Chinese media conducted research in Xiangyang Chashan, Ziyang County, Ankang City.

Photo by Wang Chao

  On August 10, the interview group came to Ziyang County, which is located in the upper reaches of the Han River and at the northern foot of Bashan Mountain.

It is located in the southern end of Shaanxi, the northern foothills of Bashan, and the upper reaches of the Han River. It is named after Zhang Boduan (the Taoist name "Ziyang Zhenren"), the founder of the Southern Taoist School, once practiced and enlightened the Tao. The only county named after Taoism.

  In Chengguan Town, Ziyang County, the interview group visited the homestays in the mountains, enjoyed the beautiful folk songs, and applauded and applauded the development of rural tourism based on local natural resources, rural folk customs, and history and culture according to local conditions...

  "Ankang is a beautiful city with beautiful mountains and rivers, and it is suitable for work and living." Ni Xia, deputy editor-in-chief of Canada World Travel News, said that Ankang's cohesion of development is impressive. As an overseas Chinese media, she will use her pen well. , to tell the world the well-being story of "actively forging ahead and daring to pursue dreams".