This applies to the product "Garant Organic beef & pork (mixed mince) 18%, 500 grams", with a best before date of August 17, 2022, where it has been shown that a limited batch of the product contains salmonella.

- In total, it is about 800 packages.

That's a few hundred kilos of raw pork.

But it is a matter of food safety.

Even if it is a small batch, it is a serious problem if it contains salmonella, says Magnus Törnblom, press manager at Axfood, to TT.

The product has been sold in most of Axfood's store chains - such as Willys, Hemköp, Eurocash and Tempo - and is now discontinued.

Purchased packaging is requested to be returned

Everyone who bought the product is asked to return it to the store so that the minced meat can be destroyed.

Customers receive compensation for the item.

- We want it sent back so it can be destroyed.

It should not be thrown in the garbage, says Magnus Törnblom.

Traced to a single farm

According to the press manager, the meat has been traced to a single Swedish pig farm, where the infection was discovered in a routine check.

- It will of course be investigated further by the authorities and this farm itself, he says.