In Brazil, a petition to preserve democracy collects a million signatures

The petition for the democratic rule of law is read at the São Paulo Law School, August 11, 2022. REUTERS - AMANDA PEROBELLI

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This text comes less than two months before the elections, while President Bolsonaro is threatening not to respect the verdict of the ballot box.

The text was proclaimed in public by jurists in several cities of the country.


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With our correspondent in São Paulo,

Martin Bernard

“Democratic rule of law”.

This is the slogan that was launched within the confines of the traditional faculty of law in São Paulo, from a text that warns against the threats currently hanging over Brazilian democracy. 

President Jair Bolsonaro is seeking a second term in October.

But he questioned the legitimacy of elections and electronic ballot boxes, which he said would be liable to fraud.

He attacked directly and personally several members of the Supreme Court and the electoral court, responsible for the smooth running of the ballot. 

It is above all the shadow of the American Donald Trump that worries Brazilians, hence a call for democratic resistance.


We have recently witnessed authoritarian delusions that have endangered the old American democracy.

Attempts to destabilize democracy have failed, and they will fail here too…

”, says a speaker at the microphone.

Several personalities, right and left, have signed this text.

Among them are bankers, artists and football players, such as former football star Raí…


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