People's Strength Rep. Kim Seong-won once again officially apologized for the words he made at the flood disaster recovery volunteer site with party lawmakers.

Rep. Kim held a press conference at the National Assembly Communication Center on the morning of the 12th for 'People's Apology for Remarks at the Flood Damage Site' and said, "I am very sorry to the public. I am so ashamed and miserable of myself. I bowed my head.

Rep. Kim said, "Honestly, I hope it rains a little bit. The picture will come out well" at the volunteer site the day before was caught on a video camera and received criticism from public opinion.

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Rep. Kim said, "I couldn't comfort those who were affected by the flood disaster, but rather caused concern. I will reflect on my life and make atonement for the people who must have felt hurt and angry because of my careless words." I know very well that I don't," he said.

"However, I sincerely ask the people to not give up on the sincerity of the people's power to recover from the flood," he said.

Rep. Kim said, "I will accept any disposition the party gives me for this matter."

He continued, "If I can comfort the people who have been hurt by me, I will do my best to do what I can."

After the interview, Rep. Kim asked reporters questions such as 'Did you have sympathy with the leadership in an apology to the public?' and 'What do you think about the referral to the Ethics Committee?'

Earlier, Ho-Young Joo, the chairman of the Brigade, met with reporters on the way to the National Assembly and talked about the controversy over Kim's utterances, saying, "It's a really horrifying situation because it caused a scandal with a remark that I couldn't understand.