North Korea has declared an end to the corona crisis.

It is through a speech by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un at the national emergency quarantine meeting held in Pyongyang yesterday (10th).

According to North Korea's statistics, as of the 3rd day of the last 3 days, there are 0 new cases of fever as well as 0 patients under treatment.

Of course, it is difficult to believe the North Korean statistics as they are.

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Kim Yeo-jung mentions retaliation against South Korea

However, what draws more attention to us is Kim Yeo-jeong's speech as a panelist.

That's because Kim Yeo-jung referred to her retaliation by blaming South Korea for her corona influx.

North Korea had already claimed on the 1st of last month that the corona virus was introduced from 'unusual objects', that is, flyers or goods sent from South Korea.

Kim Yeo-jung asserted, "The national crisis that we (North Korea) suffered this time was obviously caused by the anti-republic (anti-North Korea) confrontation madness of the enemies who tried to crush our country (North Korea) by igniting the global health crisis."

Here she refers to South Korea as enemies, and she claims that South Korea intentionally introduced the coronavirus into North Korea and tried to crush North Korea.

"This is clearly a crime against humanity," said Kim Yeo-jung, "and I have come to the conclusion that it is impossible to just stand by and ignore the reality that filth continues to be washed away from the South Korean (South) region."

Omul seems to refer to items such as dollars and medicines sent to North Korea in flyers or balloons.

Kim Yeo-jeong said, "I am trembling with soaring anger against my enemies, and I am clenching my fists of revenge." .

She said, "If the enemy continues to do dangerous things that can introduce a virus (virus) into our republic (North Korea), we (North Korea) will respond by eradicating not only the virus (virus) but also the things of the South Korean (South Korean) authorities. “He also threatened.

Kim Yeo-jung: "South Korea is North Korea's immutable main enemy"

What is noteworthy in Kim's discussion is that she has set South Korea itself as a hostile object as well as her sensitive reaction to North Korean flyers.

Kim Yeo-jeong said, "Now is the time to have a different attitude toward the enemy." She said, "If you have an anachronistic idea that "the things that look at your allies before your own people" are "there is no more terrifying act of self-destruction than that."

This is an extension of Kim Jong-un's speech a while ago, which mentioned 'the annihilation of the Yun Seok-yeol government'.

Kim Yeo-jung also argued that "the puppets of South Korea (South Korea) are our (North Korea) unchanging main enemies, and the fundamental factor that determines the victory or defeat of the revolutionary struggle is class consciousness."

Appears to overcome the internal crisis by setting up an external hostile force

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North Korea's claim that North Korean flyers are the cause of the corona influx is a weak scientific basis.

It is the common view of experts that it is virtually impossible to infect corona with a virus on the surface of an object.

Nevertheless, North Korea is professing retaliation by pointing out the North Korean flyer as a route of corona influx, seems to be an intention to overcome the internal crisis by setting up an external hostile force.

As the trigger for the spread of Corona was a large-scale military parade on April 25, Kim Jong-un is responsible for the spread of Corona in North Korea, and of course there must be an intention to avoid it.

In any case, as South Korea was set as an exit from hostility, the likelihood of a reoccurrence of tension-building against South Korea increased.

As North Korea emphasized the importance of lockdown while declaring the end of the corona virus, it is still unlikely that the border blockade between North Korea and China will be easily lifted, as it will use South Korea as an outlet for difficulties in people's livelihood and dissatisfaction.

North Korea's actions could be triggered by the South Korea-US joint exercise that will begin soon or by the dissemination of leaflets by private groups.

(Photo = Chosun Central News, Yonhap News)