For Sandrine Rousseau, the symbol sent by the Elysée tenant does not pass at all.

The finalist in the environmental primary for the presidential election on Tuesday criticized Emmanuel Macron's jet-ski outing, on vacation at Fort de Brégançon, believing that he did not understand "global warming" and that it is "criminal not to understand it”.

Commenting on a tweet which evokes, like others on social networks, photos of the president in a jet-ski published by the tabloid press, MP EELV tweeted: "This confirms this persistent impression that he does not understand global warming .

And today it is criminal not to understand it”.

The head of EELV Julien Bayou criticized a canoe trip by Emmanuel Macron, which he considers a "diversion" to "make people forget the climate inaction" of the government.

"It's disarmingly null", according to Bayou

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echoed, last week, an outing by the Head of State in a jet-ski, as in 2020, while

Paris Match

relayed a canoe trip by the President , near Fort Brégançon where the presidential couple is on vacation.

"It's a bit of a string to go from jet-skiing to canoeing and to present it as an effort at sobriety, it's disarmingly null," lashed Julien Bayou.

The Elysée refused to comment on the two sequences.

“When do they act?

The High Council for the Climate has called for a start and he is going from jet-skiing to canoeing?

“, Was also moved the national secretary of EELV.

“The issue is not individual, turning off the tap water while brushing your teeth or changing the light bulbs of the ministries”, underlined Julien Bayou.

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