China News Service, August 10. According to the US "World Journal" report, an attack occurred in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA. An international student from Henan, China, was slapped in the back by a strange man while walking his dog in the early morning of the 7th. He was smashed to pieces, two ear cartilages were pierced, and his face was bleeding.

The victim said that due to dodging in time, the gangster was lucky to save his life without hitting the temple with a hammer.

The police said the culprit is likely to be a repeat offender, and appealed to the public to provide clues.

  Rex, a 29-year-old Chinese student, said that on the evening of the 7th, he and his girlfriend were walking the dog near their home, and then entered the McDonald's on JFK Avenue near Bergen Avenue. After leaving the store at about 11:50 p.m., he was photographed in front of the door. When he turned his back and turned his head, he was smashed in the face by a strange man holding a hammer.

  His ears were smashed, and two ear cartilages were pierced. After reacting, he chased the fleeing gangster for about three blocks until he was in the garage of a building on JFK Avenue near Pavonia Avenue, where he bleed more and more. , fearing life-threatening, so gave up chasing.

The police rushed to the scene after passers-by called the police and took him to the hospital. On the evening of the 8th, he underwent ear stitching surgery.

  Rex said that after he turned his head, the gangster looked at him for two or three seconds. Although he was wearing a mask, he was sure that the two did not know each other. Because he ducked to the side during the attack, the suspect did not hit the temple with a single hammer.

The doctor said that the scars and wounds may not grow well.

Since the incident, the victim has not slept or eaten all night, feeling very angry.

Police said the man was likely a repeat offender, with similar incidents on the street before.

  The local police said that the suspect is still at large, and the case is under investigation. According to Rex’s description, the culprit is likely to be Asian, between 1.7 and 1.75 meters tall, wearing a black mask, baseball cap, white short shirt and sneakers. There should be surveillance cameras at the entrance of McDonald's and in the garage to capture the suspect's face.

The victim and the police appealed to the public to provide clues. "My only appeal at the moment is to arrest him, because I don't think he will stop committing the crime, and I may hurt innocent people again." (Zheng Yiyan)