The first cabinet meeting was held after the inauguration of the second Kishida reshuffled cabinet. We have decided on a basic policy of focusing on measures such as responding to the rise in prices, etc.

The basic policy of the second reshuffled Kishida Cabinet states, "Japan is facing many overlapping challenges in both domestic affairs and diplomacy. We must carry out politics that gains 'empathy'."

On top of that, based on the confidence he gained from the people in the two national elections, he said that he would push forward with "breaking through the difficulties" and "decisively executing policies," responding to measures against the new coronavirus, soaring global prices, etc., and "new capitalism." In the future, we will focus on the realization of this, as well as diplomacy and security.

In addition, at the first cabinet meeting, regarding the temporary deputy of the Prime Minister, 1st is Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno, 2nd is Minister of State for Economic Security Takaichi, 3rd is Minister of Foreign Affairs Hayashi, 4th is Minister of Finance Suzuki, and 5th is Minister of Digital Kono. decided to

In addition, Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno announced at a press conference after the first cabinet meeting that the personnel affairs of the vice minister and parliamentary secretary will be held on the 12th.

Prime Minister's Statement "Adherence to the Fundamentals of Realizing Politics That Earns Trust and Empathy"

The first cabinet meeting was held after the second reshuffled Kishida cabinet was launched, and the government announced that it would be ``breaking through the difficulties'' based on the recognition that Japan was in ``the most difficult situation since the end of the war,'' such as the new coronavirus and the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. I decided to make a statement by the Prime Minister, saying,

In a statement by the Prime Minister, he said, "Our country is in the 'most difficult situation since the end of World War II', such as the new coronavirus, Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and soaring global prices.

After that, he said, "We will mobilize all policies, overcome the new corona, revitalize the economy, create a sustainable economy and society, and contribute to the construction of a new international order suitable for the era following the post-Cold War era. We will focus on it.”

In addition, we will take all possible measures to ensure a stable supply of energy and protect the lives of the people and the economy. We will promote diplomacy and security that will protect our country, such as strengthening our country.

"While carefully listening to the voices of the people, we will adhere to the basics of achieving politics that earns trust and sympathy," he said.

Commemorative photo at the official residence for the first time in 21 years Construction is underway inside the official residence

After the first cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Kishida and his cabinet members took a commemorative photo.

Commemorative photos are usually taken on the stairs of the Prime Minister's official residence, but this time, because the inside of the official residence was under construction, it was taken on the stairs of the Prime Minister's official residence, which is adjacent to the official residence.

The current official residence was previously used as the official residence, and it will be the first time in 21 years since the first Koizumi Cabinet was inaugurated in April 2001 that a commemorative photo will be taken here.