China News Service, Beijing, August 9. According to the WeChat public account of the Chinese Embassy in South Korea, on August 8, heavy rains in the South Korean capital circle and other areas caused some roads to be closed, houses flooded, and subways were temporarily suspended.

According to the Korea Central Disaster Safety Countermeasures Headquarters, 8 people have died due to flooding in their houses, electric shocks, and sudden mudslides.

  The heavy rainfall will continue in the near future, and the Ministry of Administration and Security of South Korea has raised the storm crisis warning from "alert level" to "severe level".

The Chinese Embassy in South Korea hereby reminds:

  1. Please pay close attention to weather changes, check weather forecasts and various early warning information in time, and minimize or avoid traveling in bad weather conditions.

  2. Pay attention to strengthening precautions when traveling, and avoid high-risk areas such as river banks, low-lying areas prone to flooding, and hidden dangers of geological disasters.

  3. In case of emergency, please call for help in time.

  South Korea emergency helpline: 112 (police), 119 (coastal police, fire)

  Consular Protection and Assistance Hotline of Chinese Embassy in South Korea (24 hours): 02-755-0572

  Global Consular Protection and Service Emergency Hotline of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (24 hours): +86-10-12308 or +86-10-59913991 (end)