Prime Minister Kishida held a press conference in Nagasaki, stating that the Cabinet reshuffle and LDP officer appointments on the 10th will be done to unite the government and ruling parties to break through the difficulties they are facing. He indicated that he would do his best to deal with urgent issues such as the new coronavirus and high prices.

In this, Prime Minister Kishida commented on the Cabinet reshuffle and the appointment of LDP executives on the 10th, saying, "We are facing the most difficult situation in the post-war period both inside and outside the country. The government and ruling parties are united more than ever in order to break through the difficult situation. It is important for the future, and this cabinet reshuffle will be based on this recognition."

On top of that, he said, "We cannot allow a moment's delay in dealing with the new corona, high prices, and the economic situation, as well as the situation in Ukraine and Taiwan. Tomorrow, the Cabinet will be reshuffled and a new system will be used to respond to urgent issues and implement policies. I want to concentrate all my attention," he said.

Regarding the relationship between the former Unification Church and politicians, he said, ``I have instructed cabinet ministers, vice ministers, parliamentary vice-ministers, and others to inspect and review them so that they do not have any suspicions. I would like to thoroughly review it."