Due to the effects of the stagnant front line, in South Korea, heavy rain has fallen mainly in the metropolitan area such as Seoul, causing flood damage in various places. instructed to be thorough.

In South Korea, it has been raining heavily since the 8th mainly in the metropolitan area due to the effects of a stationary front, and in Seoul, localized torrential rain exceeding 100 mm per hour has caused flood damage in various places.

South Korea's public broadcaster, KBS, aired a special news program to warn citizens about how turbid water in Seoul rushes down roads like rivers and how water flows into buildings. I called.

In addition, one person who was dealing with the fallen street tree died, and the disaster prevention authorities are investigating the detailed situation assuming that he died from electric shock.

It is reported that in some parts of Seoul, the amount of rainfall per hour exceeded the city's record in August 1942. I'm here.

In South Korea's metropolitan area, etc., it is expected to continue raining on the 9th, and President Yoon Sung-nyeol has instructed related organizations to confirm the damage situation and thoroughly implement measures to prevent human damage.