China News Service, August 9th. The American Overseas Chinese News reported that Denver, Colorado Mayor Michael Hancock (Michael Hancock), together with the city's Asian-Pacific people, demolished a place in the lower city with anti-Chinese characters on the afternoon of Monday (8th). Means historical sign.

  NBC's 9News reported that a sign across from Coors Arena at the intersection of 20th and Black Streets misrepresented the riots that occurred in Denver's Chinatown on October 31, 1880.

The sign reads "Hop Alley/Chinese Riot of 1880".

But to be more precise, the unrest that took place at that time was an "anti-Chinese racial riot".

  On the same day, Hancock and the city's Office of Social Equity and Innovation (OSEI) officials, the older generation of Chinese families in Denver, and the Colorado Asia Pacific Federation attended the demolition ceremony.

The Colorado History Center will take care of the sign after the demolition ceremony.

  "We have an opportunity to right the wrong," Hancock said. "It's never too late to apologize for what has happened."

  It is worth mentioning that the city of Denver officially apologized earlier this year for the Chinatown riots of 1880.

The removal of the sign is the city's follow-up to righting a historical wrong.

To date, Denver is the fifth city in the United States to formally apologize to Asians for their racist encounters, and the first outside of California.

One person was killed and hundreds injured in that riot.