South Korea's ambassador to Japan, Yun Dong-min, said that if the assets of Japanese companies were sold to cash, the people and companies of both Japan and South Korea would be greatly affected. I showed the idea that it is necessary to freeze "cash" as I receive it.

South Korea's Ambassador to Japan Yoon Dong-min, at a press conference with South Korean media in Tokyo on the 8th, referred to the issue of "recruitment" during the Pacific War, and said that the assets of Japanese companies in South Korea would be sold "for cash." He pointed out that it is doubtful whether the plaintiffs seeking compensation will receive a sufficient amount if the case is reached.

After that, he said, ``If it is cashed, there is concern that the people and companies of both countries will suffer astronomical damage.'' rice field.

Ambassador Yoon also said, "South Korea cannot do it alone, Japan must work together."

While it was reported that the South Korean Supreme Court was expected to make a final decision this summer over the procedure for "cash", the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced last month that it will hold diplomatic consultations with Japan to seek a reasonable solution. I have submitted a written opinion to the court stating that

On the other hand, the plaintiff side, who claims that the Korean government is trying to postpone "cash", strongly opposes Ambassador Yoon's remarks, and the future of solving the problem is still unclear.