Prime Minister Kishida is making final adjustments to appoint Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Hagiuda as chairman of the political affairs research committee on the 10th of the Cabinet reshuffle and LDP officer appointments.

In addition, I decided to retain Minister of Foreign Affairs Hayashi and Minister of Finance Suzuki, and to have Mr. Okada, Chairman of the Diet Affairs Committee of the House of Councilors, join the Cabinet.

On the 8th, Prime Minister Kishida took on the discretion of officer personnel at the Liberal Democratic Party's extraordinary board meeting, etc., and continues to consider personnel matters along with the cabinet restructuring.

Among these, regarding party executive personnel, the final adjustments are being made to appoint Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Hagiuda, who belongs to the Abe faction, as chairman of the political affairs research committee.

As Prime Minister Kishida, he is known as a close aide to former Prime Minister Abe, and is also one of the influential members of the Abe faction, the largest faction, while important issues such as economic measures in response to soaring prices and measures to strengthen defense capabilities are ahead. By appointing Mr. Hagiuda as the party's chief policy officer, it seems that the government and the ruling parties are aiming to facilitate discussions.

On the other hand, in the reshuffling of the Cabinet, he decided to retain Foreign Minister Hayashi, who is in the Kishida faction, and Finance Minister Suzuki, who is in the Aso faction, and to have Naoki Okada, chairman of the House of Councilors Diet Affairs Committee, join the cabinet.

In addition, Komeito's Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Saito and Liberal Democratic Party's Diet Affairs Committee Chairman Takagi are being coordinated to stay on, and Defense Minister Kishi, who is worried about his physical condition, is being considered for replacement.

Prime Minister Kishida wants to strengthen the system while maintaining the framework of the administration, and plans to make final adjustments with Deputy Governor Aso, Secretary-General Motegi, and Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno, who have already decided to continue.