Raphaël Delvolvé SEASON 2021 - 202220h19, August 08, 2022

Each evening, Raphaël Delvolved review the news of the day, in the company of journalists from the editorial staff of Europe 1 and their guests.


Marie-Christine Bonzom

, Political scientist and specialist in the United States, former journalist at Voice Of America and the BBC.

Arnaud Benedetti

, associate professor at Paris-Sorbonne University.

Editor-in-chief of the political and parliamentary review

Dorian Dreuil

, political scientist, member of the Jean Jaurès Institute and president of the NGO "A voted" 

Pierre-Eric Sutter

, psychotherapist and philosopher, co-author of the book "Don't be afraid of collapse" at ed.

Desclee de Brouwer.

Aymeric Caron

, NUPES Deputy of Paris, founder of the Ecological Revolution for the Living

André Viard

, president of the national observatory of bullfighting cultures, former matador

Olivia Symniacos

, lawyer specializing in animal rights