In order to strengthen the supervision over the exercise of public power by leading cadres, promote the integrity of leading cadres to engage in government affairs, and further strengthen the rigid institutional constraints that cannot be corrupt in the integrated promotion of the "three non-corruptions", Zhejiang Province recently issued the "Records of Leading Cadres Receiving Requests". Preparation System (for Trial Implementation)” (hereinafter referred to as the “System”).

It is reported that this is the first requirement at the provincial level that leading cadres must be recorded and reported when they receive requests for entrustment.

  The "System" points out that leading cadres should take the lead in abiding by the party constitution, party rules, party discipline, and constitutional laws and regulations, perform their duties in accordance with the law, and uphold their rights. , the staff around you and other specific related persons, using their power or the influence of their positions, please entrust others to handle matters involving the exercise of public power.

  The "System" makes it clear that the key to comprehensively and strictly governing the party is to seize the "key minority" of leading cadres.

The "system" is mainly applicable to the leading cadres above the county level deputy (equivalent to the county level deputy) in organs at all levels, mass organizations, public institutions, state-owned enterprises, universities and other units, as well as the fourth-level research in the above-mentioned units staff, six-level staff and cadres above the equivalent level.

The "System" also includes the above-mentioned leading cadres who have retired from their positions and have not gone through the retirement formalities into the scope of application.

At the same time, the "System" stipulates that provincial units, districted cities, counties (cities, districts) at the section level or by reference to section-level leading cadres and members of the leadership team of their affiliated enterprises shall be implemented by reference.

  The "System" requires that when leading cadres receive a request from others, they should record them comprehensively, objectively, and truthfully, and report to the party committee (party group) of the region (unit) where they are located within the specified time.

After the party committee (party group) receives the report form, it shall, within the specified time, submit it to the corresponding discipline inspection and supervision organ and organization (personnel) department for disposal according to different situations.

  The "System" emphasizes that a strict confidentiality system shall be implemented for the recording and filing of requests for entrustment matters, and the person in charge shall not disclose relevant information to others.

If the person in charge leaks secrets intentionally or due to gross negligence, he will be severely held accountable in accordance with relevant regulations.