According to Matsui, at the moment there is an opinion in the world that the world cannot be preserved without nuclear deterrence forces. 

The mayor called for the creation of such conditions in the world under which the only right decision would be to give up nuclear weapons.

In addition, the head of the city noted the importance of the words of Leo Tolstoy: "You cannot build your own happiness on someone else's misfortune, your happiness lies in the happiness of others." 

Also at the ceremony, Prime Minister of Japan Fumio Kishida spoke, who during his speech said that the tragedy that happened in Hiroshima should never happen again.

“This is the responsibility of Japan as the only country affected by the atomic bombings.

And this is my oath as Prime Minister from Hiroshima, ”RIA Novosti reports his words.

Earlier, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stressed that the inadmissibility of nuclear war is Russia's principled position.