"Huanshui Anyang is well-deserved, it was the imperial capital three thousand years ago", this is a poem left by the famous historian and archaeologist Guo Moruo when he inspected the Yin Ruins in Anyang, Henan Province in 1959.

Yinxu is famous for the excavation of oracle bone inscriptions. It is the first ancient capital site in Chinese history with documents to be verified and confirmed by oracle bone inscriptions and archaeological excavations.

Its discovery also made the history of the Shang Dynasty a true history, advancing Chinese history for more than a thousand years.

So far, more than 160,000 oracle bones have been unearthed in Yin Ruins, as well as exquisite bronzes represented by the Later Muwu Ding, representing the highest peak of Chinese bronze culture.

There is also the tomb of the first female general in China, the Tomb of Fu Hao, and the earliest relics of chariots and horses in China have been discovered.

Let us travel through more than 3,000 years, listen to the stories about Yin Ruins, and truly feel the lost time.

(Produced by Niu Ye Studio)