Earlier, the representative of the government in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Taras Melnychuk said that the candidacy of Yaroslav Yanushevich for the post of head of the Kherson Regional State Administration was approved by the Cabinet of Ministers.

According to Stremousov, all decrees of the Kyiv authorities are criminal.

“The Kherson region is in fact no longer under the jurisdiction of the Nazi elite that seized power in Ukraine.

We don’t take any statements of the Kyiv regime seriously at all, since they crossed the line of ethics and morality, starting to shell the peaceful Kherson region and rejoice at the destruction and casualties among civilians, ”he told RIA Novosti.

Stremousov noted that Yanushevich would never come to the Kherson region.

In his opinion, the head of the regional administration appointed by Kyiv is a “virtual governor” and a “dummy”.

Earlier, Stremousov called on the Kyiv authorities to “forget about the region” and “never remember” about it.