- Right now we have very heavy rain over the area where we previously issued a warning for torrential rain.

It will continue to be strong in the coming hours and will not start to slow down until around 08:00, says Caroline Vahlberg, meteorologist on duty at SMHI.

The rain is expected to be heaviest during the night and morning hours with a risk of flooding in some areas.

- I cannot comment on any quantities, but if you are unlucky, there may be a risk of water accumulations and floods, says Caroline Vahlberg.

Although the rain is expected to ease off in the morning, it can be perceived as heavy in some areas during large parts of the day, and during the night Västerbotten and Norrbotten have been hit by heavy thundershowers.

- The rain will continue during tomorrow's northeast across Norrland, especially the eastern parts, says Caroline Vahlberg.

The rest of the country can look forward to a windy day with slightly cooler temperatures than before.