China News Service, August 6 (Reporter Meng Xiangjun) Who is Xiao Meiqin named by the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council?

Taiwan politician, representative of "Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the United States".

  Xiao Meiqin is willing to be the pawn of external anti-China forces.

Recently, it was his collusion to promote the US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi to visit Taiwan, which further aggravated the tension in the Taiwan Strait.

  As a stubborn "Taiwan independence" element, what else did she do?  

Data map: Xiao Meiqin.

【Be at the mercy of others, instigate hard】

  Back to July 20th.

According to Taiwan's "China Times", Pelosi questioned Xiao Meiqin, the so-called "representative of Taiwan in the United States," on the same day: Why is there news that Taiwan tends to withdraw the invitation?

Pelosi needs to know the "truth."

  Pelosi's insistence will cause an uproar, which may cause a situation no less than the 1996 Taiwan Strait crisis.

However, Xiao Meiqin claimed that the DPP authorities did not "withdraw the invitation", it may be "there is a gap in information transmission", such as Pelosi's assessment that early August is the best time to visit, the Taiwan authorities "of course welcome".

  Knowing that politics has been kidnapped by self-interest, but continue to thread the needle, Xiao Meiqin is an accomplice to damage cross-strait relations.

["Underground Ambassador", relying on foreign self-respect]

  Taiwan's "Zhongshi News Network" published an article mockingly saying that when Pelosi saw Xiao Meiqin, she might as well say to her: "Congratulations to the underground ambassador, congratulations to the underground ambassador."

Arranging Pelosi to step on the red line, I wonder how much money the DPP authorities have spent?

  Why is Xiao Meiqin mocked as an "underground ambassador"?

She can only blame herself for this.

  In 2020, when then-U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Clutch visited Taiwan, Xiao Meiqin hurriedly changed the title of her social media account to "Taiwan Ambassador to the US".

However, U.S. officials have never recognized this self-proclaimed name.

  It is impossible for Taiwan to have a so-called "embassy in the United States." Where does the "ambassador" come from?

According to Taiwan's "General Rules for the Organization of Institutions Abroad", Taiwan and the United States do not have diplomatic relations, and Xiao Meiqin is at most the representative of the "Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the United States".

  Li Dazhong, director of the International Affairs Department of the Chinese Kuomintang, pointed out that Xiao Meiqin had not obtained the consent of the United States and could only make fun of herself online. "This is not self-deception, but what is self-deception?"

Taiwanese netizens also used three words to describe Xiao Meiqin: "respecting foreigners, being crowned with monkeys, and being shameless".

  The hot face met the cold butt. In the face of public criticism, Xiao Meiqin had to "apologize" and admit that the title she changed was "not the title currently recognized by the US official."

Xiao Meiqin appeared on the periphery of the inauguration ceremony of US President Biden.

Image source: Xiao Meiqin's "Facebook" account

  In addition, in January 2021, when US President Biden took office, Taiwan's "Representative Office in the United States" claimed that Xiao Meiqin was invited to attend Biden's inauguration ceremony.

In fact, the tickets were requested in advance from Pelosi through Guy Hart, a political lobbyist hired by the former Democratic leader of the U.S. House of Representatives and the Democratic Progressive Party authorities heavily.

  Xiao Meiqin, who "rubbed the red carpet", sat on the outer lawn area, and was not a real "guest of honor". Her status was extremely embarrassing, and she was ridiculed for "bought a scalper ticket".

[Stubborn "Taiwan independence" has a long history]

  Xiao Meiqin was born in Japan in 1971. Her mother is American and her father is from Taiwan, China. After graduating from junior high school, she immigrated to the United States with her parents, and has been keen on politics since she was a child.

Someone described, "Everything about Xiao Meiqin is politics".

  After coming into contact with some veteran "Taiwan independence" elements, her "Taiwan independence" thought gradually took root.

When she was still studying at Columbia University in the United States, she founded the so-called "Taiwan Forum" and entered the political arena at the invitation of Lu Xiulian in 1991.

After graduating with a master's degree, her first job was as the CEO of the DPP's "Representative Office in the United States".

  In 1996, Xiao Meiqin returned to Taiwan and ushered in a period of career growth. During this period, one person who had to be mentioned was Chen Shui-bian.

  Xiao Meiqin was recruited into Chen Shui-bian's campaign headquarters in 1999 as the director of the "International Affairs Department" and the deputy head of the youth campaign.

Later, she became a consultant in Chen Shui-bian's office and became Chen Shui-bian's English secretary and translator.

  However, after this, Xiao Meiqin was caught in the scandal with Chen Shuibian, causing a lot of trouble, and had to resign in 2001.

  In January 2002, Xiao Meiqin renounced her American citizenship, and later joined the Taiwan-Japan Political Elite Association, which was composed of "legislators" from the Democratic Progressive Party, and gradually became close to Tsai Ing-wen.

  In June 2020, Tsai Ing-wen appointed Xiao Meiqin as Taiwan's "representative in the United States", and together with Wu Zhaoxie, head of Taiwan's foreign affairs department, and Xu Sijian, deputy secretary-general of the Security Committee, formed the so-called "iron triangle of work with the United States."

[Too many crimes, too many to count]

  "The American blood has helped her a lot," commentators pointed out that Xiao Meiqin's "half-American" status has given her a wealth of contacts and political resources in Washington.

  Xiao Meiqin is very familiar with the DPP's affairs in the United States. After serving as Taiwan's "representative in the United States", she intensified, calling herself a "war cat", and even wearing a mask with the American flag and her own pet cat on it, playing the role of fighting with her. American conspiracy clown character.

On July 19, Eastern Time, the roundtable meeting of the "China Working Group" of the US House of Representatives was held. From the left are the Republican leaders of the US House of Representatives McCarthy, Xiao Meiqin, and the chairman of the "China Working Group" McCall.

Image source: Zhang Wenxin, a reporter from Taiwan's "United Daily News"

  What exactly did Xiao Meiqin do?

Its crimes against cross-strait relations and Sino-US relations are enough to make a long list.


  The first charge is to liaise with US politicians.

  Xiao Meiqin has been aggressive in public relations, lobbying top U.S. government officials and members of Congress to go to Taiwan. For example, Pompeo, the former U.S. Secretary of State who was sanctioned by China in 2021, met with Xiao Meiqin and said that restrictions on exchanges between the United States and Taiwan would be lifted.

Pompeo has repeatedly made erroneous remarks on the Taiwan issue, which seriously violated the one-China principle and the three Sino-US joint communiques.

  At the invitation of Xiao Meiqin, former U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Clutch, who was also sanctioned by China, and former U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Azar also came to Taiwan successively.

  Xiao Meiqin also swaggered into the U.S. State Department building to meet Jin Cheng, acting assistant secretary for Asia and the Pacific.

  The second count is to promote arms sales to Taiwan.

  Just on July 15, the U.S. State Department approved the "Parts and Accessories Procurement and Technical Assistance Case" for Taiwan sales, with an amount of about 108 million US dollars.

This is the fifth arms sale to Taiwan since US President Joe Biden took office.

  According to previous reports, whether it is the US selling 66 F-16 fighter jets to Taiwan, or the purchase of the "coastal defense cruise missile system" and intelligent mines, Xiao Meiqin's jumping up and down is indispensable.

  In addition, Xiao Meiqin recently appeared at the roundtable meeting of the "China Working Group" of Republican members of the US House of Representatives.

When it was mentioned at the meeting that the United States would speed up arms sales to Taiwan and invite Taiwan to participate in military exercises, Xiao Meiqin expressed her gratitude.

  Netizens on the island ridiculed: "I told you to pay the protection fee and feel good about it."

  Count three, working diligently to seek "independence".

  Xiao Meiqin strongly advocates for the so-called "international space" for the Taiwan region, and imagines that Taiwan should join the United Nations and the World Health Organization as an "independent country".

  Taiwan has participated in the World Health Assembly (WHA) under the name of "Chinese Taipei" and as an "observer" since 2009.

After the DPP came to power again in 2016, it denied the "1992 Consensus" and did not recognize that both sides of the Taiwan Strait belonged to one and the same China. Since the following year, Taiwan has not received an invitation letter.

  Xiao Meiqin and others worked diligently to allow Taiwan to "expand opportunities for international participation."

China emphasizes that Taiwan's participation in international organizations must be handled in accordance with the "one China principle", and China clearly opposes Taiwan's participation in the 2022 World Health Assembly.

  According to the UN Charter and Resolution 2578, it is impossible for the WHO to bypass the Chinese mainland and directly invite Taiwan.

  The fourth count is to create a cross-strait confrontation.

  Xiao Meiqin deliberately distorted and used the topic many times to create an atmosphere of confrontation between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait.

  In March, she published an article in the Washington Post titled "Ukraine's Revelation to Taiwan: We Must Fight Authoritarianism", throwing out fallacies to slander mainland China.

  In July, Xiao Meiqin led a delegation to participate in the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Lithuania and the United States.

As we all know, since the ruling coalition of Lithuania came to power at the end of 2020, it has been willing to be the "pawn" of the United States and the West, promoting the development of relations with the Taiwan region, while the relationship with the mainland has deteriorated.

  As the relationship between Lithuania and the DPP authorities warmed up, Xiao Meiqin and other Taiwan officials visited Lithuania one after another.

Lithuania, regardless of the consequences, allowed the Taiwan authorities to set up a "representative office" in the name of "Taiwan" and planned to set up an "economic and trade office" in Taiwan. .

  The Chinese side took decisive action, lowered the diplomatic relations between the two countries to the charge d'affaires level, and initiated economic countermeasures.

  The fifth count was to facilitate the entry of "Lai Pig" into Taiwan.

  Not only in cross-strait relations, but also on the issue of people's livelihood on the island, Xiao Meiqin was also criticized as "shameful".

  American pork containing ractopamine (clenbuterol) is called "Lai pig" by all walks of life in Taiwan, while American beef over 30 months old was once rejected by Taiwan because of the risk of "mad cow disease".

  However, in August 2020, the DPP authorities suddenly announced that they would expand the opening and import of "Lay pigs" and American beef over 30 months of age.

As soon as the news came out, there was a lot of resentment on the island. According to a poll by Taiwan's United News Network, more than 90% of netizens on the island said that they "resolutely do not buy or eat" beautiful pigs and beef.

  Xiao Meiqin not only completely disregarded the interests of pig farmers on the island and the health and well-being of the people, but also asked to vote against the "anti-Lai pig referendum".

She was criticized for "selling out people's health for political interests, shameless!"

[Selling out the interests of the nation must be liquidated by history]

  "People's Daily" published an article on August 4 stating that for "Taiwan independence" diehards, the mainland will further increase accountability, from the implementation of general punishment to criminal accountability.

  The mainland may pursue the criminal responsibility of the "Taiwan independence" die-hards on the list in accordance with the Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law, and arrest and bring the "Taiwan independence" die-hards to justice through bilateral or multilateral international criminal judicial assistance mechanisms, which will be valid for life.

Even if some people cannot be arrested temporarily, they can be tried in absentia, convicted and sentenced according to law.

  On the same day, Ma Xiaoguang, a spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, listed Xiao Meiqin's series of anti-China words and deeds, sternly condemning Xiao Meiqin's frequent dissemination of "independence" remarks, vigorously instigating US politicians to go to Taiwan, vigorously promoting purchases from the US military, inciting the fabrication of negative Taiwan-related bills, and blatantly provoking one. China's principle, seriously undermining cross-strait relations.

  Ma Xiaoguang emphasized that Xiao Meiqin did not hesitate to act as a pawn in order to seek political self-interest, harming the fundamental interests of the Chinese nation and pushing the Taiwan compatriots into a dangerous abyss.

Anyone who betrays the interests of the nation and engages in "Taiwan independence" split will never end well, and will be liquidated by history.