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Regarding the victims of the fire in the hospital building in Icheon-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 6th, President Yoon Seok-yeol urged, "With this accident as an opportunity, we should carry out more thorough fire safety inspections at multi-use facilities and take preemptive measures to prevent such a tragedy from happening again."

President Yoon sent condolences to Kim Dae-gi, chief of staff, and Ahn Sang-hoon, senior social worker, to the funeral home of the Gyeonggi Medical Center Icheon Hospital, the burial place of the victims, and gave these instructions to the deceased, spokesman Kang In-seon said in a written briefing.

In particular, in relation to the late nurse Hyun Eun-kyung, who died while staying by the patient's side to evacuate elderly patients from the scene, President Yoon said to his staff, "The current nurse 'lives righteously all her life and is dedicated to the well-being of those receiving my care. I will be remembered as a true nurse who practiced the Nightingale Oath.”

"Our government must never forget the sacrifice and dedication of the current nurse," said spokeswoman Kang.

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