China News Service, August 6 (Reuters) - The U.S. government plans to provide Ukraine with $1 billion in new security aid, one of the largest to date, including long-range weapons and ammunition and armored medical transport vehicles, Reuters reported on the 5th. .

Workers unload U.S. military aid to Ukraine at Boryspil Airport in Kyiv, Ukraine, January 25, 2022.

  According to the report, citing sources, the new plan will be announced at the earliest on the 8th.

But both the size and content of the aid could change before U.S. President Joe Biden signs off on the plan.

  According to the report, if signed in its current form, this round of security assistance is worth $1 billion, including High Mobility Rocket Artillery System (HIMARS) ammunition, National Advanced Air Defense Missile System (NASAMS) ammunition, and up to 50 M113 armored medical transport vehicles .

  For now, the White House declined to comment on the aid package.

  The report also said the new aid package would be funded under the Presidential Appropriation Authority (PDA), under which Biden can transfer goods and services from U.S. stockpiles in an emergency without congressional approval.

  Earlier on the 1st, the U.S. Pentagon issued a statement saying that the United States will provide Ukraine with new military aid worth up to $550 million, including additional ammunition for the high-mobility rocket launcher system.

  The U.S. has provided Ukraine with about $8.8 billion in security aid since the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.