Thibaud Hue (in Sainte-Maxime), edited by Romain Rouillard 06:46, August 06, 2022

The heat wave is fading on the territory but remains very present in the south-east of France, in particular in the Var where four massifs are prohibited for walking while five others are strongly discouraged.

The firefighters maintain their vigilance and continue their training in real conditions. 

In the Var, firefighters remain on the alert.

Temperatures remain very high, as does the risk of fires.

Walking is also prohibited in four massifs and strongly discouraged in five others.

Firefighters continue to train in the event a forest fire breaks out.



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Talky-walky in hand, staring, Lieutenant Oscar guides the two fire engines in the brigade parking lot, in real intervention conditions.

On board the truck, the driver, Julien, hand on the wheel, has no room for error because it is he who opens the floodgates.

“It is essential to avoid any panic movement” 

"These are all the group leader's orders that we respect to put the water on at the right time. We don't have a lot of it, we have a reserve of 3,000 liters so the water, we really keep it for the part where the fire takes us and is virulent", he explains.

This training, known as self-defense, to protect themselves when the flames approach is of capital importance, specifies Lieutenant Oscar: "These are maneuvers that the personnel must know at their fingertips because it is essential in these moments to avoid any movement of panic. Everyone must know what to do at what time and calmly despite the stress of a situation which has just occurred, in which one finds oneself really instantly".

Throughout the summer, these rehearsals will multiply and the 800 firefighters who can be mobilized in the Var will remain particularly vigilant, ready to extinguish the flames.