Covid: North Korea says all sick are 'cured'

A health official from the Pyongyang Sports Goods Factory disinfects the floor of a workplace in Pyongyang, North Korea, June 14, 2022. AP - Cha Song Ho

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North Korea, according to its KCNA news agency, has managed to stave off the Covid-19 epidemic on its soil.

While Pyongyang revealed its first confirmed case on May 12, and the daily tally peaked at some 393,000 three days later, reaching a cumulative close to 4.8 million infections today, no new "feverish patient" has not been reported for a week.

The North even claims that all those who have been infected are now cured. 


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With our correspondent in Seoul,

Louis Palligiano

After claiming to be Coronavirus-free for more than two years, Pyongyang now claims to be virtually out of the woods.

This Saturday morning at 6 a.m., the North Korean Central News Agency indicated that "

no case of fever linked to Covid-19

" was confirmed the day before for the 8th consecutive day.

State media also highlighted that "

all those who received treatment have recovered


While announcing a strengthening of the control and management of preventive measures, the North Korean authorities estimated at the start of the week that “

the terminal phase

” of the


had begun.

Six new suspected cases

Even if the assertions of the hermit kingdom should be taken with caution - the regime, for example, declared only 74 deaths due to Covid-19 with a fatality rate much lower than that of its South Korean neighbor yet endowed with an effective health system and very early vaccination, the epidemic seems rather under control in the North.

Indeed, there are no signs of tightening border controls or even an official request for aid to Beijing.

North Korea nevertheless remains on alert and announced this Saturday morning to investigate six new suspected cases.

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