While the Chinese military conducted large-scale exercises to surround Taiwan from the 4th, the Taiwan Ministry of Defense confirmed on the 6th that Chinese military aircraft and ships crossed the "median line" of the Taiwan Strait. We are strengthening our vigilance by showing the view that it is a simulated attack on Taiwan's main island.

According to the announcement made by Taiwan's Ministry of Defense before noon on the 6th of Japan time, as of the morning of the 6th, a large number of Chinese military aircraft and ships were operating around the Taiwan Strait, and some were on the "median line" of the strait. It means that it was confirmed that the

Taiwan's military issued a warning and said it "appropriately dealt with" its aircraft, ships and land-based missile systems.

The Ministry of National Defense has strengthened its vigilance by showing the view that it is a "simulated attack drill against the main island of Taiwan".

According to Taiwan's Ministry of Defense, the Chinese military has been conducting military activities across the "median line" every day since the 3rd of this month, and on the 5th, a total of 30 fighter planes crossed this line and entered Taiwan.

It has been said that the "median line" of the Taiwan Strait is a demarcation line to avoid accidental clashes between the Chinese and Taiwanese militaries.

However, the Chinese authorities have recently come to openly express their position that they do not recognize the existence of the "median line", and it seems that they are aiming to make it a mere matter through their daily military activities.

For Taiwan, if the "median line" cannot be maintained, the defense line will retreat, and the sense of crisis is increasing.