China News Service, Toronto, August 5th. The Canadian military will send up to 225 troops to the UK in batches in the near future to provide training for Ukrainian recruits.

  According to a press release issued by the Canadian Ministry of Defense on August 5, the first batch of about 90 Canadian military trainers are scheduled to depart for the UK on August 12.

  The training will take place at a military base in southeast England.

Training focuses on individual skills required for frontline combat, including weapon use, first aid, field techniques, patrol tactics, and the laws of armed conflict.

  The initial plan for the training of the Canadian military will last about 4 months.

  Since September 2015, Canada has launched the "United Action", sending military personnel to Ukraine to provide training for the Ukrainian side, which is rotated every six months.

The Canadian side said that so far, more than 33,000 Ukrainian military and security personnel have been trained in battlefield tactics and advanced military skills.

After the Russian-Ukrainian conflict was launched in February this year, "United Action" was partially suspended.

The Canadian military's trip to the UK to provide training for the Ukrainian military is also part of the "United Action".

  Since the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, Canada has pledged $626 million worth of military assistance to Ukraine, including M777 howitzers and related ammunition, military drone cameras and armored combat support vehicles, as well as related military training.