Prime Minister Kishida has decided to retain Deputy Governor Aso and Secretary-General Motegi in the Cabinet reshuffle and Liberal Democratic Party officer appointments on the 10th of next week, and is making adjustments to retain Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno.

The focus will be on the extent to which the Cabinet will be reshuffled, as it intends to strengthen the system while maintaining the framework of the administration.

In response to the closing of the extraordinary Diet session, which will be the first time since the House of Councilors election, Prime Minister Kishida plans to reshuffle the Cabinet and appoint officers of the Liberal Democratic Party on the 10th of next week.

Of these, Prime Minister Kishida has confirmed his intention to retain Deputy President Taro Aso and Secretary-General Toshimitsu Motegi.

Both of them served as chairmen of the Motegi faction, the second faction within the party, and the Aso faction, the third faction, respectively. Based on what he did, it seems that the aim is to continue to stabilize the political base by having him continue in office.

In addition, in the Cabinet reshuffle, we are making adjustments to retain Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno.

On the other hand, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Kaneko, who retired as a member of the Diet without running for the House of Councilors election, and Chairman Ninoyu of the National Public Safety Commission are expected to be replaced.

After attending the Peace Memorial Ceremony in Hiroshima on the 6th, Prime Minister Kishida will discuss personnel affairs with senior officials.

Prime Minister Kishida will maintain the framework of his administration and strengthen the system while facing a mountain of challenges, including responding to soaring prices, countermeasures against the new coronavirus, and reviewing security policies based on the situation in Ukraine and the U.S.-China conflict. The focus will be on the scale of the Cabinet reshuffle.