China News Agency, Beijing, August 5th, title: Analysis of the current PLA military exercises around Taiwan Island: firepower can cover the entire island, aircraft carrier formation deterrence

  China News Agency reporter Li Chun

  Long-range live ammunition shooting, multi-regional and multi-type often-guided fire assaults, the Navy and Air Force dispatched more than 100 sorties of various types and types of fighters, and more than 10 naval destroyers and escorts have continuously carried out joint sealing and control operations.

In a report issued by Chinese state media on the 5th, the Chinese People's Liberation Army's important military training operations around the island of Taiwan were described as "unprecedented in scale".

  Observing the military drills in recent days, military experts pointed out that the current drills have achieved the expected results.

This exercise is a heavy blow to the "Taiwan independence" forces and external interfering forces.

The range of firepower can cover the whole island of Taiwan

  During the training operation on the 4th, several new long-range box-type rocket launchers of the PLA Eastern Theater Army conducted long-range live fire training in the Taiwan Strait, and carried out precise strikes on specific areas in the eastern Taiwan Strait.

The Rocket Force of the Eastern Theater Command carried out a multi-regional and multi-model constant-guided fire attack on the predetermined waters off the eastern Taiwan island, and all the missiles hit the target area with precision.

  Meng Xiangqing, a professor at the National Defense University, said in an interview with Chinese media that in this live ammunition training, the theater troops used firepower in a system and multi-elements, with a combination of distance and height.

The long-range fire system can cover the entire island of Taiwan.

"You can fight when you want, you can fight how you want, and you can fight wherever you want."

  In addition, all far-fire systems adopt a highly maneuverable transportation system, which can be launched and stopped at any time, and has strong survivability.

The cost-effectiveness of the remote fire system is also high, and it can be produced in large quantities and quickly through industrial systems.

The test firing of the constant-guided system also reflects the advanced level of the PLA's constant-guided firepower.

  Meng Xiangqing also said that the PLA's eastern theater is the main focus of the training operation, and troops from other theaters also participated.

Aircraft carrier formation conducts first deterrent exercise

  It is worth noting that the PLA Navy aircraft carrier formation also conducted a deterrent exercise for the first time in this exercise, and built a three-dimensional maritime combat system.

  "The aircraft carrier is the most important weapon of the country and a strategic weapon." Zhang Junshe, a researcher at the Naval Academy, told the China News Agency reporter that the aircraft carrier formation can perform tasks such as sea assault, land strike, and air superiority operations, as well as underwater targets. It has a strong three-dimensional combat capability, which is also a manifestation of the deterrence of the aircraft carrier formation.

The targets of this deterrent exercise are naturally the "Taiwan independence" separatist forces and external interfering forces.

  "Of course, under normal circumstances, nuclear submarines are also involved in aircraft carrier formations." The expert pointed out that nuclear submarines have better underwater performance, strong underwater concealment and strong attack power, and are an important part of aircraft carrier formations.

  Zhang Junshe also stated that the fundamental purpose of the PLA's military exercise is to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and it is also a test and improvement of the PLA's combat capability.

The deterrence exercise of the aircraft carrier formation is also an improvement of its maritime combat capability, which will greatly promote the combat capability of a series of aircraft carrier formation systems.

U.S. aircraft carrier retreats hundreds of kilometers overnight

  This exercise is the first time the PLA has set up a shooting range in the area east of Taiwan Island.

"The 'Reagan' aircraft carrier that escorted Pelosi at that time retreated about several hundred kilometers southeast of us overnight." Meng Xiangqing said, this reflects the greatly enhanced deterrence capability of the PLA in the distant seas.

  Such deterrence capabilities have been demonstrated when Pelosi visited Taiwan on August 2.

His special plane did not arrive in a straight line that night, but instead went around the Philippines to Taiwan.

This is because the People's Liberation Army has deployed naval and air forces in the southern part of Taiwan Island, including the Bashi Strait, as well as troops in the eastern and northern parts of the island, and has been closely tracking Pelosi's special plane from beginning to end, creating a deterrent situation.

  Meng Xiangqing said that the most significant significance of this actual combat training is that the first is the collusion between the United States and Taiwan, and the second is the clamor for "Taiwan independence" forces.

This exercise is a heavy blow to the "Taiwan independence" forces and external interfering forces.

  Zhang Junshe also pointed out that the PLA's joint military operation around the island of Taiwan is aimed at safeguarding national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and is a deterrent to US-Taiwan collusion.

"Judging from the situation in recent days, the joint military operation has achieved the expected results, demonstrating our army's high fighting will and excellent combat capability, and showing that our army is fully determined and capable of defending national sovereignty and territorial integrity." (End )