Ten miners were stranded on Wednesday evening at the bottom of a coal mine after it collapsed at midday in the locality of Sabinas in the state of Coahuila, in northeastern Mexico.

"Three minors have already been rescued" and "hospitalized", indicated the Ministry of Security, adding that "the government is committing all the necessary means to carry out search and rescue operations".

No anomalies detected since January

Relatives of the miners gathered near the mine, praying.

"I have two sons (who work in the mine)," testified a mother to the Milenio television channel, without giving her name.

One of the two was able to get out, she added in tears.

The place went into operation in January with no anomalies ever reported, the local government said.

In June 2021, seven miners died in the collapse of another coal mine in the same state.

The most serious accident in this region took place in 2006, when a gas explosion in a mine killed 65 people.


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