Kim Soon-ho, who was not from the police force, was appointed as the head of the Police Department, a newly created organization by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security.

Opposition lawmakers took issue with appointing the police chief before the police chief's personnel hearing.

Reporter Yoo Deok-gi covered it.


Kim Soon-ho, the police chief, is considered a representative security officer in the police.

He joined the police in 1989 through a competitive recruitment for a lieutenant general and is now the director of the National Police Agency's Security Investigation Bureau and the head of the preparation for the hearings for the candidate for Commissioner Yoon Hee-geun.

Minister of the Interior and Safety Lee Sang-min has announced that he will appoint a non-police officer as the first police chief.

However, he seemed to be conscious of the criticism of dividing the police, and he announced that he would appoint the remaining positions in the police department evenly.

[Lee Sang-min / Minister of Public Administration and Security: There are three departments.

So, the general support department is in charge of our Ministry of Public Administration and Security.

(The two police departments are the Human Resources Support Department and the Autonomous Police Department, but the police department and the non-police department evenly...]

The National Assembly met with Yoon Hee-geun, a candidate for the commissioner of the National Police Agency, to demand disciplinary action and withdrawal of supervision of the participants of the National Police Chiefs' Meeting against the Police Department. Democratic lawmakers belonging to the National Security Council also took issue with the appointment of the police chief.

[Kim Gyo-heung / Rep. of the Democratic Party: There has not been a hearing (the Commissioner of the National Police Agency) yet, and the issue of the appointment of the police chief (han) is being driven recklessly by the Minister of Public Administration and Security.]

People's Power lawmakers urged the Democratic Party to cooperate with the holding of the appointment hearing for candidate Yoon Hee-geun, saying that the Democratic Party is focused only on strife with the police department.

In the midst of this, President Yoon Seok-yeol visited the front-line police division today (29th) and encouraged on-site police officers.

He said he will continue to be interested in improving systems and treatment.

After he strongly criticized the internal opposition of the police against the establishment of the police station as a 'disorder of the state's discipline', there is also an analysis that he started to appease the police.

(Video coverage: Oh Young-chun and Kim Heung-gi, Video editing: Park Chun-bae, CG: Hong Seong-yong)