Jacques Serais, edited by Ophélie Artaud 09:11, July 23, 2022

In the National Assembly, the debates on the examination of the amending budget resume this Saturday morning.

A bill which should be used to ensure financing on purchasing power, find solutions to the rise in fuel prices or even for the financing of the renationalisation of EDF.

Heated debates ahead.

In the National Assembly, the deputies continue their marathon and tackle measures to deal with inflation.

The debates on the examination of the amending budget, suspended this Friday evening, resume this Saturday morning in the hemicycle.

This bill must be used in particular to ensure the financing of the text on the purchasing power voted this Friday morning.

But the battle is far from won for the executive.

The rise in fuel prices at the center of the discussions

The presidential majority hopes to be able to count on the voices of the right to pass these measures.

But Véronique Louwagie, deputy Les Républicains, sets her conditions.

"We are ready to make a gesture in your direction, but on the condition of winning our case on the priority demands that we have formulated."

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At the center of the discussions, in particular the means to help the French in the face of rising fuel prices.

At the podium, the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, tries to be conciliatory while setting his limits.

"There are margins for discussion on the text that we are proposing to you. I only set one limit: our public finances. Every euro counts. We cannot be light with taxpayers' money."

Tense debates

Inaudible speech for the parliamentarians of the Left Alliance.

Éric Coquerel, rebellious deputy for Seine-Saint-Denis and chairman of the Finance Committee.

"Are you sure, Mr. Minister, in the current context, that the urgency and the seriousness lie in prioritizing the reduction of the country's deficit? This is the ecological debt that our children will be able to blame us for having bequeathed to them and not the financial debt."

Debates which promise to be particularly tense when this bill also includes the financing of the renationalization of EDF or the abolition of the audiovisual license fee.