SOS Alarm confirms that it has an ongoing malfunction that affects some of the 15 exchanges.

The disturbance started at 02.18, but it is unclear what it is due to.

- The emergency number 112 works, however, it can mean longer response times due to the disruption, says Staffan Ekengren, communications manager at SOS Alarm, to TT.

- Troubleshooting is in progress right now.

We naturally hope that it will be possible to take action as soon as possible, he adds.

So far, there is no forecast for when the disturbances can be remedied.

The police regions of Stockholm, West and South all testify that the disturbances have contributed to this and that the influx of calls was affected during the night.

- We do not get calls, so it is a problem.

We are asked to call 114 14 because you will arrive there, says Carina Andersson, duty officer in Stockholm.