China News Service, Beijing, July 15 (Reporter Guo Chaokai) The reporter learned from the Ministry of Public Security on the 15th that since the launch of the "Hundred Days Action" for the national public security organs' summer public security crackdown and rectification, the railway public security organs have severely cracked down on the destruction of railway transportation safety and the harm of the people. Lawful rights and interests highlighted illegal and criminal activities, and vigorously rectified railway security issues. A total of more than 350 related criminal cases were detected, and more than 2,170 public security cases were investigated and dealt with.

  In the "Hundred Days Action", the railway public security organs insisted on simultaneously attacking and preventing, addressing both the symptoms and root causes, and taking comprehensive measures, and closely combined with the ongoing special action of "jointly protecting the road and eliminating the problem with a sword", focusing on cracking down on serious violent crimes and abduction, trafficking, insulting and molesting women Crimes against the legitimate rights and interests of vulnerable groups, such as children, defrauding the elderly, and organizing disabled children to beg, severely crack down on crimes that endanger traffic safety, such as placing obstacles, destroying, dismantling, and stealing railway facilities and equipment, and occupying sources of goods, forcibly robbing cargo spaces, and other crimes involving underworld and evil , as well as occupying seats, drunken trouble, begging and selling, blocking cars and breaking roads and other illegal acts that disrupt public order; strictly investigate and punish illegal acts such as “theft, robbery” and beating others that infringe on personal and property rights, and illegal carry control. Illegal acts such as equipment, digging pits, quarrying for sand, damaging railway facilities, hitting trains with stones, etc. that impede public safety, as well as reselling tickets, purchasing special railway equipment, and other illegal acts that impede social management. A total of more than 350 related criminal cases have been detected, investigated and dealt with. There were more than 2,170 public security cases, and the railway security environment was further improved, which was generally well received by the tourists.

  Focusing on the safety of high-speed rail and passenger trains, the railway public security organs vigorously promoted the "Fengqiao Experience" on trains, along the line, in the arrival area, and in the approach section, to maximize the discovery of conflicts and problems as early as possible and to resolve them at a minimum; comprehensively strengthen railway stations, The public security management of vehicles and lines should put the police force on the surface to the maximum extent, increase the rate of seeing the police and the rate of handling affairs, and ensure that the police situation is handled in a standardized, fast and efficient manner, so that the passengers can feel that the police are always guarding their safety.

  Focusing on passenger stations and along the high-speed railway line, railway public security organs and relevant departments regularly carry out joint law enforcement and special governance, actively implement the linkage mechanism between road and local public security organs, consolidate the main responsibility of railway enterprises for security, and continuously improve the railway safety factor; at the same time, listed A number of key station sections with frequent cases of theft and robbery of passengers' belongings and endangering traffic safety have been rectified, effectively purifying the railway security environment, and effectively providing a strong guarantee for the safe, orderly and warm travel of the majority of passengers.