Nafes opens registration for paid scholarships and financial incentives

Qualifying 2000 national cadres to work in the nursing sector before the end of the year

The nursing program is part of the plans to localize the profession.


The Emirati Cadres Competitiveness Council (Nafis) announced the opening of registration for national cadres to obtain a paid scholarship in the nursing sector, as part of the "Nafis Program for the Development of Nursing Sector Cadres", starting from the beginning of next September, in cooperation with the Ministries of Health and Community Protection, and Education Education, stressing that the grant program aims to include 2,000 citizens during the current year, from various regions of the country.

The council explained that the nursing sector cadres development program includes three training and academic tracks, the first under the name “Health Assistant”, and the second granting a high diploma in emergency medicine, while the last track grants a bachelor’s degree in nursing, provided that the study is at any of Fatima College of Health Sciences. The Higher Colleges of Technology or the University of Fujairah, pointing out that citizens wishing to apply for the program will receive 100% paid scholarships, as well as financial incentives for study seats.

He pointed out that the Nursing Sector Cadres Development Program seeks to qualify and employ about 10,000 male and female citizens in the nursing sector in its various specialties in the country by 2026, by providing paid scholarships, especially since the nursing program is part of the plans to localize the profession, to attract National cadres, in the appropriate number and quality, to meet the health needs of the community, and to contribute to the provision of distinguished health care.

The Council called on the national cadres to interact with the program to enjoy the benefits offered to work in the nursing sector, as well as to explore the various professional specializations offered in this field, which produced heroes on the front lines during the “Covid-19” pandemic, stressing that the institutes and academies of vocational and technical education and training that graduated citizens Specialists in this field, it was able to contribute effectively to increasing the Emiratisation rates in private sector institutions that opened their doors to new graduates of national talents, and benefited from their energies and potentials, to increase the participation rate of the national workforce in the private sector, and enhance its contribution to developing the labor market and providing it with the best Citizenship competencies.

The center indicated that it had concluded agreements and memoranda of joint cooperation with a number of national higher education institutions, within the framework of the state strategy and the "fifty projects" of the UAE, with the aim of developing citizen cadres in the field of nursing, which contributes to increasing the number of citizens working in the health sector in the state, including An agreement with Fatima College of Health Sciences to train and empower citizens to work in this vital sector through an advanced plan implemented by the college, which adopts academic and applied curricula and high-quality laboratories and keeps pace with the latest international standards, systems and mechanisms, and has the leadership to implement and achieve the state’s strategy in these disciplines.

joint committee

The Emirati Cadres Competitiveness Council (Nafes) has formed a joint committee with Fatima College of Health Sciences, to oversee the workflow and implementation of the terms of the joint cooperation agreement to qualify young Emiratis to work in the nursing sector, as it is of great importance to the manufacture of skilled national cadres in health specialties.

The Nafes program aims to improve the Emirati human development system and prepare productive and sustainable Emirati human capital in the private sector, in order to achieve the goals of effective economic participation for Emirati citizens in a way that supports the country's economy and contributes to advancing the wheel of comprehensive development.

“Access to a lifetime’s job is not easy... and maintaining it is more difficult,” a practical equation that requires hard effort to pass. It begins with academic diligence, followed by self-professional development, then search, rejection and acceptance, until achieving the desired career dream.

In terms of its societal role, "Emirates Today" seeks, through this page, to share with young people the goal of searching for work, the dreams of a lifetime job, and the reality of the state's plan to localize its young cadres in the public and private sectors.

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