In the face of the threat from Iran, US President Joe Biden reiterated the US' "unwavering commitment" to Israel's security during his visit to the Middle East.

"The United States emphasizes that an integral part of this pledge is a commitment never to allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons," said a statement signed by Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Jair Lapid in Jerusalem on Thursday.

Both states also emphasized their "unbreakable ties".

According to the statement, the US wants to strengthen Israel's ability to defend itself against any threat.

In order to counter "Iran's aggression and destabilizing activities", both countries also want to work with other partners.

"The only thing worse than Iran now is an Iran with nuclear weapons," Biden told Israeli television network N12 before leaving.

According to the statement, the US and Israel also plan to “expand the circle of peace to include more and more Arabs and Muslims”.

Both countries also reaffirmed their commitment to initiatives to strengthen the economy in the Palestinian Autonomous Territories and to improve the quality of life of the people there.

Biden has been in Israel since Wednesday.

After a visit to the West Bank, he travels to Saudi Arabia on Friday.

The peace process between Israel and the Palestinians has been at a standstill since 2014.

Real progress is not expected from the visit.