The mystery of the missions of the Russian nuclear submarine "Belgorod" revealed

The Russian nuclear submarine "Belgorod" is designed to carry out special missions and respond to enemy attacks.

According to the magazine The National Interest, the task of the Russian nuclear submarine K-329 "Belgorod" equipped with nuclear torpedoes, which was delivered to the Russian Navy on July 8, is to respond to enemy attacks, as well as solve scientific issues and carry out search and rescue operations.

It is also equipped with deep-sea rescue vehicles and unmanned autonomous vehicles.

The magazine adds, “However, the primary task of this mystery submarine is to strike the final blow in the event of a nuclear war, thanks to its equipping with Poseidon long-range nuclear torpedoes.”

The magazine stresses that all the eastern coasts of the United States could become targets for the "Belgorod" nuclear submarine.

It is reported that The Drive reported some time ago that the nuclear submarine "Belgwood" will allow the Russian Navy to impose its control and dominance over the Arctic, and allow cutting sea cables or installing equipment on them to collect information.

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