During the early summer, Malå municipality repaired all the windows that were broken in the barbecue hut in Nölviken.

On Thursday, staff discovered that it had once again been subjected to vandalism. 

- It feels very boring and it does not take long before an accident happens, says Bergstedt. 

Malå municipality is serious about young people trying to blow up spray cans by placing them over an open fire. 

- Burning spray cans is life threatening.

You can get splinters in the face and lose sight or some body part can be damaged.

In the worst case, splinters can hit the carotid artery, says Ebbe Bergstedt, operations manager at Malå municipality. 

Money for repairs is missing

What happens now with the barbecue hut? 

- We have no budget to repair the damage and it is very boring.

Now we have to decide whether the cottage should be kept open to the public or whether we have to close it this summer, says Ebbe Bergstedt. 

Malå municipality has reported the incident to the police. 

In the clip, Ebbe Bergstedt and Malå residents talk about how the vandalism of Malå municipality continues.