The United Nations Special Adviser to Libya Stephanie Williams said that elections are the solution to the legitimacy crisis in Libya, stressing the need to draw a road map towards holding them.

With regard to the recent meeting that brought together the Libyan components, Williams told Al Jazeera that the Libyan components made specific requests, and what we requested is the establishment of the constitutional framework.

"What we asked from the Libyan parties that we met with in Geneva is to resolve the outstanding gaps and establish a constitutional framework that draws a road map towards elections," Williams added.

"I will not talk about the nomination of anyone, and it is up to the Libyan people to choose their representatives," she said, noting that "the time has come to leave political differences aside and redraw a map for holding the elections."

Two days ago, the Presidential Council in Libya announced a plan to resolve the political impasse in the country, including preserving its unity and ending the division, calling for urgent consultations with the political parties to achieve consensus on the details of the plan.

On the other hand, Williams saw that the failure to meet the needs of citizens will fuel the protests that began during the past days, stressing that "what we saw in Libya from demonstrations is a stark call from the people who were calling for elections."

A number of cities in western, eastern and southern Libya are witnessing demonstrations calling for the departure of all existing political institutions and the holding of elections without any delay.