By law, all municipalities must have a sanitation scheme and it must be reviewed every four years.

In Eskilstuna, the existing waste plan expires at the turn of the year and therefore it is now being updated. 

- Of course, much of the work we are doing is ongoing.

Around recycling, it is important that we sort to pull our straw to the pile - sorting at home is an everyday climate document, we could say, says Maria Johansson, municipal strategist in the environment.

Reuse in focus

Maria Johansson says that the new waste plan will have more focus on circular conversion.

- It is about us using the materials longer, we need to have better quality of what we buy and buy.

We need to reduce the new raw materials in the materials and instead use recycled materials and also recycle more.

Residents can submit their views on the proposals until 30 September.

In the clip, Maria Johansson tells how the municipality will work to make it easy for Eskilstuna residents to reuse correctly.