This Thursday, Dino Scala appealed his 20-year prison sentence for serial rape and sexual assault committed between 1988 and 2018, we learned from a source close to the case and the civil parties.

Last Friday, after three weeks of hearing, the North Assize Court found guilty Dino Scala, nicknamed "the rapist of the Sambre", of 54 of the 56 acts of rape, assault or attempted assault sex for which he was being tried.

He had been sentenced to the maximum penalty incurred, ie 20 years of criminal imprisonment, with a two-thirds security period.

“It has nothing to do with the victims”

His appeal "demonstrates, if we still needed it, that he has nothing to do with the victims, that his apologies are pure facades", reacted Master Caty Richard, lawyer for four victims.

“They will still have to wait additional months before they can finally turn the page on what happened to them years ago,” she lamented, adding: “He enjoys that.”

“They are a little disappointed to have to relive the trial,” commented the lawyer for nine victims, Me Fanny Bruyerre.

“Their questions are: 'Do we still have to come back?

Testify again?

Asked by AFP for the defense of Dino Scala, master Margaux Mathieu did not respond.

His new trial should be held in several months before the Assize Court of Appeal of Saint-Omer (Pas-de-Calais).

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Trial of Dino Scala: How was the accused found, after 20 years of tracking down the "rapist of the Sambre"?

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