In periods of high heat, we seek a bit of freshness wherever we can.

Slipping into a supermarket becomes a pleasure, going to the cinema a redoubled pleasure!

On the strength of this idea, the elected officials of the environmental group at the Council of Paris had a wish adopted on Wednesday on “the experimentation of reduced prices in cinemas for vulnerable people during heat waves”.

The idea of ​​environmentalists?

“Collectivize the use of cooled spaces in order to avoid the development of individual air conditioning”.

Either give a boost both to cinemas, still impacted by the health crisis, and to the poorest people, who are also those who go on vacation the least and are therefore likely to go to the cinema rather than to the beach.

And at the same time, try to limit individual use of air conditioning, which aggravates global warming.

An idea that links the useful to the pleasant.

The measure will be studied, promises the town hall

Ecologists wanted to experiment with this device immediately, but the vow, amended, ultimately only acts as an agreement on the study of the modalities of such a device.

“We had trouble passing the text because the senior assistant felt that the existing arrangements were sufficient.

Certainly there are preferential rates for students, etc.

but here the idea is to open it up to as many people as possible.

And there are rooms refreshed in town halls during the heat wave but nothing can be done about it, there is no activity, ”explains Fatoumata Koné, president of the environmental group in Paris.

When could the measure be studied?

Fatoumata Koné has no idea, but is sorry for the delay.

"The system could have been put in place very quickly, when we are told of a new heat wave for next week..."


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